Sunday, 26 April 2015

TOKIDOKI Blind Box Series: Moofia

So lately I've gotten into these TOKIDOKI blind boxes craze! In the past, I would never collect blind boxes because I think it's frustrating to get doubles. But these were too cute to pass! Especially with boxes like these!

Milk cartons? Genius!

But the thing that got me interested in the Moofia series the most was the awesome anti-bullying message behind it:

"Mozzarella leads the Moofia. The Moofia was assembled to extort milk from the lunchboxes of schoolyard bullies. Mozzarella is loving and kind to good kids but ruthless and feared by those who harass the innocent. By taking the milk from the bad and giving it to the good, the Moofia know the good will grow up strong and healthy to protect themselves. Milk is power. Milk is protection."

Picture credit to

I just love TOKIDOKI's backstories. Also check out "The Cactus Friends" and "til death do us part". You'll find that they're based on common every day problems yet TOKIDOKI has cleverly incorporated a sense of positiveness for their line of designer toys.

I really like the design of their boxes! You can rip the top just like you would an actual milk carton!

Chase figure Boccocino:

Other Moofia Minions to collect!

Picture credit to

The price says 7.95 USD but I got mine for 12.70 USD a box.  I regret not collecting these when they were available in stores locally. Now they're extremely hard to find and cost almost twice as much ;(

Time to rip the foil packaging and find out which Moofia Minions I got!

OMG it's Choco!

Super cute missing persons poster at the back of this little milk carton:

And then there's Leche! Leche feels pretty heavy compared to Choco so I was kinda excited to know who was it inside the box!

Leche means milk in spanish but it also has an alternative meaning to it ;) Pretty cheeky TOKIDOKI!

I'll definitely be buying more of these blind boxes in the future! It's so much fun opening them! I can now see why people get addicted to these things when you can actually buy all the characters you need off Ebay to form a complete set :0

Do you collect any blind box / bling bag series? Which are your favourites?

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Re-announce: Zelf Giveaway Winner!

Kyraja, the original winner of my Zelf giveaway has decided to let the prize go to someone else instead so here is the new winner of my Zelf giveaway!

1. ggginaaah
2. Amanda Reed
3. Kyraja
4. unidentified dino
5. Brandi
6. Aranera
7. Emily F
8. Steph Conway
9. Daniel Sandford Draper
10. Cheryl
11. Christine Valenti
12. Deborah Ricevuto
13. Lianne Stone
14. Jacklynstephens
15. Chelsea Maffitt
16. noirist
17. Riku Psychosis

Congratulations Lianne!

Do drop me an email at to claim your prize ^^

For those who did not win; thank you for participating. I'll be sure to do another giveaway again next time!

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

SF Custom House Project Update

Some of you may have been wondering why I have not been posting any SF stuff since the last update on my Wildwood Home. To be honest, I have been really discouraged with my horrible painting skills and I think I might just abandon the project and get a new house instead.

Here's how my SF house looks like now:

I failed horribly in trying to create the uneven wood stain effect. I had followed this tutorial on how to achieve a wood on plastic; but for some reason, the oil stain mixed with thinner kept removing my base coat as I tried to go over it.

I just wish I had the talent to be creative like other people :(

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Trade goodies + Zelf Giveaway!

Just a couple of weeks back, I received these amazing goodies from 2 lovely ladies on the Zelf Buy Sell Trade group on Facebook:

I was down with a ear infection at that time and having both packages arrive on the same day really cheered me up!

First up are my trade goodies from Kennie :) Couldn't wait to unbox Chocolaa and see what she smelt like lol. She does indeed smell like very sweet chocolate!

I love the mini playsets that come with all the Zelicious series. I wish they'd include more of such accessories in the future. It's a little more fun than just charms and combs. But it would be even better if they included all 3 :P

Next I just had to unbox Flare! I just love her details and color combination. Her colors are very contrasting yet I feel that they complement one another very nicely. Her gold accents are just right and not overly done so it does give her a very prominent look.

For some reason, she was relatively hard to find even though she belongs to the latest series and isn't a rare. I can't thank Kennie enough for Flare! She has got to be my favourite Zelf at the moment!

Flare is supposed to be a Phoenix Zelf but she reminds me so much of this Chinese mythology character called Nezha:

Picture credit to owner

And you can see why when you notice the little flame details on the back of her feet! 

Next are the goodies I received from Debbie! First up is Pandela, whom she traded with me for Angelala. Her paint work is so perfect and I can't stop gushing over how cute she is! Her design is rather simple but I think it potrays the Panda image quite well:

Following that is Birchy, the tree Zelf! Who looks more like a leprechaun in my opinion.

And lastly, Spellinda and Howlette! I didn't have any other Zelfs to trade with Debbie for them but she was so kind to go out of her way to get them for me despite the stuff she had going on for her at that time.

These 2 were the only ones from Series 1 that I was missing so thanks to Debbie, I've managed to complete Series 1!

From top left: Garny, Howlette, Buttershy, Vampula, Pegasue, Lil'D
Bottom left: Angelala, Lunanne, Mermalade, Spellinda, Flamy, Elfa

I also decided that it was time to unbox my very first rare Zelf: Miss Clover! Oh the struggle with whether to keep rare figures in their original packaging or not..

What a cutie!!! She even comes with a glitter finish which makes her all the more unique!

First thing I realised about her was how HUGE her wings were!! Just look at the size of them compared to Buttershy's:

All rare Zelfs have a number and my Miss Clover was number 2980 out of 10 000! Her charm is also made of a different material than the others':

Thank you so much Kennie and Debbie! I am so so so grateful to know such kind and sweet toy collectors! Kennie knew that I was a SF collector as well and even included an extra Sylvanian Families magazine for me! The magazine comes with an exclusive baby squirrel but I've yet to open up it up and read it.

And now..

I have a spare Garny in box to giveaway!

To participate, all you have to do is follow my blog and leave a comment. The winner will be decided using a random number generator.This giveaway is open to everyone and I'll cover the cost of shipping plus tracking to you.

The winner will be announced on 19th April. Good luck everyone ^^

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

K-ON Figma: Tsumugi Tokobuki (#59)

This post is long overdue but here's a quick review of my Mugi Figma which I had gotten back in August last year. I know I've been side tracking and buying new toys faster than I can take pictures and blog about them :x

Like the others, Mugi comes with 2 face-plates, 4 extra pairs of hands, her indoor shoes, stand and instrument. I wish they had included more accessories with her. Some tea cups perhaps?

Mugi's keyboard has such amazing detail compared to Yui and Mio's guitars. I especially love the finish. It makes the keyboard look so real!


I think this is suppose to be Mugi's 'fantasizing' face. Don't really like it though. It looks a little off to me for some reason.

It was very hard for me to take pictures of her with her instrument. I just couldn't get the angles right so I'm sorry if I made Mugi seem so boring :(