Saturday, 21 February 2015

My Zaolls Are Home!

I'm so happy my Zaoll Luv twins came home just in time for Chinese New Year this week! I can't thank Meanae enough for the wonderful job she did on Abigail. She's absolutely stunning! <3

So happy with her look! I don't have any female clothing so she's wearing a male SD13 tank top. It's rather big on her but it'd do for now <3 I'm currently waiting on some custom orders from Monstro Designs and I can't wait for those to arrive! Abi shares the same dress style as me lol. I will write her backstory soon!

I don't have pictures of the other twin, Dakota, because I couldn't take nice photos of her :( But here's a link to Meanae's commission pics. I love the way Meanae did both their freckles and skin texture. They look so real!

Right now I'm having trouble deciding on Dakota's wig color. She's suppose to be the opposite of her sister (shy, demure, goody-two-shoes) so I don't think she dyes her hair.. Any suggestions? :)