Saturday, 7 March 2015

Love Yourzelf ♥

So recently, I've started collecting Zelfs about 3 weeks ago and this was my initial haul:

From top left: Buttershy, Pega Sue, Angelala, Lunanne, Mermalade, Elfa

As of today, I actually have 22 plus 9 more waiting to come in the mail ~_~ I know! I'm moving too fast with these things but they're just so addictive!

Apparently they're the new version of Troll Dolls but much cuter and more colorful! The ones I've gotten in this post are from Series 1. There are 4 series in total and they come in 3 different sizes - mini, medium and large. These are all medium sized.

They kinda look like imps to me (I think they are) and their Zelf Powers remind me alot of the Carebears. Their colors and markings on their bodies also remind me of My Little Pony. What had me sold was definitely their colors and funky hair :P

Each Zelf comes with a charm, 3 pink elastic bands, a comb and a collector's leaflet. The collector's leaflet contains some information about each Zelf. Here's a peek at Mermalade's:

And here they are unboxed!

Angelala - The Angel Zelf

Pega Sue - The Pegasus Zelf

Mermalade - The Mermaid Zelf

Elfa - The Forest Elf Zelf

Lunanne - The Moon Fairy Zelf

Buttershy - The Butterfly Zelf

Some Zelfs have wings and some don't. Lunanne and Buttershy both have fairy like wings while Pegu Sue and Angelala have angel-like wings. Notice the cute little Z marking on their bottoms!

Each Zelf has poseable arms and legs. You can also rotate its head. They're meant for kids, so nothing really fancy. They're quite economical if you live in the US or UK, but shipping elsewhere can be abit costly. Nevertheless, these colorful Zelfs are fun to display and can easily brighten up any room or shelf:

I'll be showing more of these Zelfs in the weeks to come, but for now which Zelf is your favourite? :)


  1. These are so adorable, and I love how colourful they are :D my favourite is Mermalade and Angelala XD

  2. Awww, they're so adorable! They look like they just jumped out of a dream :D. My favourite is Buttershy :)

  3. These are awesome! Your gorgeous photos make me want some! XD Have fun with your wonderful new collection! :)