Saturday, 14 March 2015

Love Yourzelf ♥ Part 2

Took some of my Series 2 Zelfs to the park today to have some pictures taken. I really like the idea of animal Zelfs. Even the bugs look so cute!

Webina - The Spider Zelf

Lady B - The Lady Bug Zelf

Owlmanda - The Owl Zelf

Dandylion - The Lion Zelf

Dorothy-Doe - The Deer Zelf

Catsby - The Cat Zelf


  1. The Deer Zelf is lovely! And the Owl Zelf! :D

  2. You make me want a Zelf so badly! I think the cat self is my favorite.

  3. Oh yes these Zelfs are VERY addictive!! *w*

    I'll be doing another giveaway soon and this time it's a Zelf ^^