Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Update + stuff I got from my 2015 X'mas swap

Oh my god, I can't believe it's been so long since I last updated!

I've gotten tons of new toys ever since and well.. still no place to display them. I took a little break from buying any new toys for awhile so I could spend the money on re-vamping my room. I did manage to re-paint my room but still haven't gotten around to buying any shelves.. Oh actually I did get a few but then never gotten around to actually installing them lol.

I am such a procrastinator *sigh*

I've also been meaning to take pictures of all the toys I've yet to unbox but the weather in Singapore has been extremely atrocious! Can you believe it actually rains 5 to 6 times a week in my area? It's not so bad other parts of Singapore, just here in the North-west side. I gave up eventually because I couldn't get any sunlight. Even if it doesn't rain, it's extremely gloomy and very unflattering for photos :\

Anyway I hope to get back on track soon! I've been feeling really restless everytime I come home because my room is so.. meh. I just know my toys will bring some sort of energy to the room IF only I would have them displayed.

Meanwhile, I just want to share some Instagram pictures of all the cool stuff I got from a little Christmas swap I did with some of my toypals from all over the world! Yes I know Christmas was like 6 months ago!

Lousy quality pics because my phone camera sucks:

The first gift to arrive was from @doeroseq! I got to know this cool mom when I was searching for Kawaii Crush stuff on Instagram and commented on one of her pictures featuring the Hyper Happy Mall. It's funny we hit off like that and decided to follow each other thereafter. It's not everyday you establish friendships with people just by commenting on one picture xD 

She got me a Monster High Twyla vinyl which I love so much and was planning to collect someday. She thought Twyla kinda looks like me so she just had to get her for me! I was really shocked because our swap limit was 7 USD and these vinyls cost like 20 SGD in retail stores here!

And that was not all! She decided to send me a second surprise package containing these 4 Monster High toys a few weeks later! I really can't believe I got to know such a sweet and generous lady! I was really touched by this and I hope I do get to meet her in person someday!

The second gift I received was from Ellie, who I got to know when she came across and commented on my blog! I was really amazed at how much stuff she managed to fit in this flat box:

So much thought was put into her package! I absolutely loved the little notes she attached to each item! She and I are Zelf fans and it just so happens I hadn't started collecting series 5 yet. She also sent an extra pom pom for my Ghoul Spirit Spectra so she can have 2 just like on the box art! I thought it was super cute and thoughtful of her.

She also got me some handmade goodies from her etsy store! I super love the felt fox keychain she made that I immediately attached it to my house keys.

And I think she knew from my blog that I love K-On so she drew this lovely card for me!

Next, I got this yummy pack of jellybeans and a caricature of me from @oriental.fleur ! I got to know her on Instagram too and I was si excited to finally know a girl in my country who collects toys! The jellybeans tasted really awesome I finished them in less than a week lol.

And then I received this package from Kyraja, who knew I was frantically searching for Kawaii Crush stuff and was so thrilled to have found one near her! Unfortunately, I had already ordered Owleena on ebay so I kept the one she gave me and sold away the other. It's the thought that counts :)

I really love Kinder chocolate. The Kinder Surprise she gave me happened to contain a My Little Pony toy!

Goodies from Jon Jon and Avvi of Kawaii Unicorn Puppy Princess!

I knew Jon Jon from the Zelfs Buy Sell Trade Facebook Group and on Instagram. I think the bond Jon Jon and Avvi have is really cool. Check out their videos Youtube and see just how much fun they have toy hunting together!

There were a couple of Shopkins, a Glitzy Globe and one more pony to the collection: Nurse Redheart! I love the drawing Avvi did and I'm hoping to find a space to stick up the cards and notes I got from everyone :)

Not forgetting this lovely package from @ohmyponiesss! She's another fellow toy collector from my country. I first came to know her when she bought a TOKIDOKI Unicorno from me and then happened to find me on Instagram weeks later.

OMG I super love the Kimmidoll Love keychain she gave me! The detail is amazing and it's such a unique figure. They also have other interesting designs which I like but I have no idea where I can buy them! I've searched on ebay but there was nothing from this collection :'(

Next are the gifts I got from Paige; she got me a TOKIDOKI Moofia blind box and a Sylvanian Families baby carry case. I thought the tin she sent them in was absolutely adorable!

I'm so lucky I don't have Latte yet :)

And another package from a fellow Singaporean toy collector @nicoletoyhoard! So glad I know more female toy collectors in my country now. I've joined local toy collecting groups and they're all 99% guys who collect Transformers and Star Wars and stuff ^^;;

I got my first Tsum Tsum and Littlest Pet Shop figure!

And the awesome Lego minifig I got was this guy in a shark suit! He came with 2 faces and I thought it was pretty funny and ironic for him to look terrified in such a mean looking costume haha.

I got lots of Moomin stuff (and a lil Zelf) from @memouseketeer! I came to know her from liking and commenting on her Instagram photos too xD Apart from her awesome vintage toy collection, she also has a very cool fashion sense!

I've heard of Moomin because one of my colleagues likes Moomin alot but I didn't know Moomin originated from Finland! That purple Moomin licorice has got to be best tasting thing EVER I wish she had send more haha. She also sent me a pack of Finland's famous Salmiakki licorice too but I didn't know how to appreciate those T^T

And finally the last package I received for my X'mas swap was from @twinklestahh! Her initial package for me actually got lost in the mail :( But she was so kind to send me another to ensure I gotten something in exchange.

The Zelfs card is actually drawn and printed by her! I was really thrilled with the Lalaloopsy mini she sent me as well as the mini troll! This is actually my first legit troll that isn't a Zelf lol. She also sent me a bunch of cute stickers and letterheads.


I am really extremely grateful to have been able to exchange gifts with so many people last Christmas! I don't usually get Christmas presents because I have very few friends. My family never buys me anything either so it was really fun doing this! I really love letters and parcels. It was always my dream to have a penpal when I was younger. But it's a little redundant this days with easy communication through the internet.

I really hope I get to do another one this year :)


  1. You got so much cute stuff :) I loved all the tings you sent me ! ( I hope you got my email thanking you )
    We should definitely do it again this year :)

  2. Great update! So many cool things.

  3. I really like the card that you got on the first picture, it looks so cute. I hope you enjoy your new things!

  4. Hi there!
    May I know how to join this toy collector group please?
    I would really love to be able to bst locally.
    I am a Tokidoki fan ☺️