Saturday, 21 November 2015

Monster High - Ghoul Spirit Spectra Review

So it has begun! I've finally started collecting Monster High dolls ;A;

I've always wanted to collect them because I love their crazy colored hair. The first few dolls that drew me were Venus McFlytrap and Catrine DeMew! I thought Venus was really cool because she was green (green is one of my favorite colors) and has a side shaved hair-do! Something I almost never saw in dolls until only recently. And Catrine's color scheme is purple - another of my favorite colors!

But I didn't buy any because I felt I didn't have the money to start a new collection (don't we all?) I was trying to focus only on Sylvanian Families, Zelfs, K-ON anime figures, Gambit and Lalaloopsy Minis back then.. but I guess that doesn't matter anymore; I've already failed a million times over till date lol *slaps self*

Anyway, my first Monster High doll is special because it was given to me as a belated birthday present. So I guess I have to blame my friend for making me start a new collection :<

My friend chose Spectra for me because I had purple hair back then. Also, he thought she looked alot like me.

Spectra Vondergeist - Daughter of a Ghost. Poltergeist definitely rang in my head!

I think the doll's face doesn't really look like how Spectra looks in the cartoon..

On to the doll herself:

Her earrings are black unlike those on her box-art. I don't mind it though. But they are abit large in scale. These are removable.

Cute shirt with the Monster High logo and some chains.

Her bracelets are actually the shape of a skull! I'm fascinated with her clear hands. I think they're really cool. However, Spectra only comes with one pom-pom. I was expecting two since she was holding two up in her box art :(

Her hands are removable! I'd be extra careful when removing and putting them back on though, they seem quite fragile.

Her skirt. Chains seem to be Spectra's theme though. I wonder why..

I love her hot pink heels and shackle cuffs. She can't stand on her own though. Also, she doesn't come with a doll stand. I used Ghoul Sports Spectra's stand for this – Yes, I've already gotten more Spectra dolls :x

She also has clear feet! I really love this detail of her which makes her look more spirit-like.

She's boo-tiful!

Gotta love Monster High puns lol! She wasn't really one of the dolls I wanted to collect in the beginning but I love her so much now! I'd want to try doing her make-up on myself one day :)


  1. Spectra is a beautiful MH doll! I always wondered if I should get her or not. She has something special! Love her clear feet and hands.
    Hihi, yes. I also always fear to break the hands when I remove them :D

  2. So pretty...I think it is a good purchase! I love her hand and feet too! :)
    Have a nice evening.

  3. I really like her clear feet and hands too =) I never knew you could remove their hands.

  4. I really love the clear hands and feet too, great photos of the doll.

  5. Awesome review :) I have this doll too <3
    spectra is an awesome doll, in fact I'm modding one at the moment to make a unicorn :)