Tuesday, 26 August 2014

K-ON Figma: Yui Hirasawa (#57)

Overblew my budget on toys last month because I couldn't resist a good bargain lol. I caved and bought a set of K-ON Figmas because they only cost 160 USD for the full band!

Absolutely loved the anime and it's definitely my favourite. The K-ON Nendoroids were what drew me to the series, but their Figmas seemed like alot of fun as well especially because they're articulated.

Yui comes with 5 pairs of hands, one of which is actually a picking hand and fretting hand pair!

Wish they added strings to the guitar to make it more detailed though!

But she does have a functional guitar bag you can put her guitar into!

She also comes with a standard Figma stand and an extra side piece so you can have her carry the guitar bag over her shoulders should you need her on the stand:

Yui also includes a 'big face' face-plate and a bigger fringe piece to go with it. The face should come blank if your set is brand new. The previous owner had applied on one of the expressions already:

Not really fond of the 'big face' though. I would've preferred if it's the same size as her other two face-plates. Also, I just found out the previous owner didn't include the sheet of various facial expressions you can apply to the 'big face'. They're supposedly like temporary tattoos and not stickers so they're not reusable.

Overall, I'm pretty pleased with my purchase! Figmas are indeed alot of fun because of their poseability and changeable parts. They're also of good quality and very nicely painted – definitely worth the money!


  1. :D I love those diffrent face plates :D. The figure looks very cute, congrats on such a great find! :)Do you have pictures of the other figures?

  2. Thank you ^^ I only have pics of Yui and Ritsu so far but I do intend to take pictures of all of them

  3. Haha I love the last picture! It reminds my Yotsuba with her crying face haha
    Nice blog! I follow you :)